Sad Dog With Breasts About To Burst, Desperately Waiting For Her Owner To Rturn To Pick Her

Meet Hera! Surely Hera had just given birth to puppies. Don't know for what reason? she was thrown in the street.

Hera was depressed because her breasts are full of milk. Her breasts were about to burst, and Hera was in a lot of pain.

She was waiting for the owner to return to pick her up, and she has waited in despair, but he has never returned. She was starving and still waiting for human assistance.

Hera has been rescued. She requires a temporary residence. She is assisted, and the milk is almost completely removed from her breast.

Today, Hera can also go for a walk. She was gone for almost an hour.

The lovely lady is having a wonderful time with her new owner. She has moved on from her painful past and is on her way to a better life.

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