Puppy who had teeth pulled out by former owner is now ‘living his best life’ in foster home

 The cruelty with which some people treat animals is beyond comprehension. We've heard of pets being rescued from deplorable living situations in deplorable conditions.

But, thankfully, there are compassionate people willing to step forward and provide these animals with the love and care they deserve after being subjected to so much cruelty.

For example, one dog's previous owner extracted all of his teeth, but he is now recovering in good hands.

The Royal Animal Refuge in Tyrone, Georgia, shared a heartbreaking story about a pet that had come into their care: a 9-month-old miniature pit bull mix whose teeth had been pulled out on February 23 by a previous owner.

According to FOX 5, the rescue suspects the puppy's teeth were extracted so he could be used as a "bait dog" in a dog fighting operation. Who did such a heartless thing to the poor dog is unknown.

"The vet said it wasn't a professional job," said Royal Animal Refuge Director Mariel Weigand to FOX 5.

He was taken in by the Animal Refuge, and despite his ordeal, he turned out to be a sweet dog: "We couldn't say no to taking him in, and he quickly stole all of our hearts," the Royal Animal Refuge wrote on Facebook.

While it may appear insensitive, they named the dog "Toothless" after one of the franchise's heroic dragons: "In the movie, Toothless overcomes many struggles and obstacles, so it is so fitting for our boy!" they explained.

But Toothless wasn't out of the woods yet: shortly after arriving at the refuge, the puppy was diagnosed with parvo, a highly infectious virus that can cause severe illness in puppies

"He was immediately rushed to a vet and is now receiving medical care," wrote Royal Animal Refuge. "Toothless has asked that you send him good vibes."

"Please keep Toothless in your prayers; we know he's a fighter, and we know he'll fight on!"

According to FOX 5, the refuge received donations from followers to help fund Toothless' medical treatments, and the dog has made a full recovery.

Toothless has been through a lot, from losing his teeth to battling parvo, but things are looking up for this beautiful dog now.

According to a Royal Animal Refuge update, Toothless is now "living his best life" in the care of a "amazing foster family."

They posted photos of Toothless in his new home, demonstrating that despite his missing teeth, he has a lovely smile.

The shelter expressed gratitude to the foster family and everyone else who assisted Toothless in their post.

"We want to thank everyone for donating, sharing, and spreading awareness for sweet dogs like Toothless," wrote Royal Animal Refuge. 

"As always, we would not be able to do this without all of you, and we are eternally grateful."

It breaks our hearts to think about what Toothless has been through, but we're thankful he's now in good hands, receiving the best care and living in a loving foster home.

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