Pint-Sized Pup Laid Unconscious In Ditch After Humans Had Failed Him

 A woman saw a man abandon a small puppy in a water-filled ditch and agreed to show rescuers where the puppy was so they could save his life.

They didn't notice the puppy at first when they arrived. They started looking through the trash that had been dumped there, but there was no sign of the pup.

They refused to give up, assuming that because it was a flowing stream, the dog had been washed away.

As they kept walking, they finally spotted the poor puppy. He was unconscious and barely clinging to life in the water.

The rescuer took out the first aid kit and began treating the pup right away. He eventually came to and was able to drink some water using a syringe.

The puppy was returned to the rescuer's clinic, where he was placed under a heat lamp and given the medical attention he required.

The puppy began to recover and grow stronger as the days passed. Today, you would never know this puppy was on the brink of death in a ditch.

He is ecstatic, full of energy, and grateful for a second chance at life, thanks to the witness and his wonderful rescuer.

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