Heartbreaking, Mama Dog Attempts To Stop Traffic And Begs People To Assist Her And Her Puppies

Esdras Andrade, a self-employed animal protector and rescuer from So José dos Campos, Brazil, received a video of a family of dogs on a busy road. Unfortunately, the poor animals were abandoned and left to die. It was undeniably the best place for stray animals, but Esdras refused to let them suffer.

Instead of lying on the beach, Esdras grabbed his keys and drove straight to the dogs' location. He saw the mother dog attempting to stop traffic in the middle of the road. She begged for assistance, but no passing motorists were interested enough to stop. Instead, they ignored the poor dog and went about their business.

Despite her obvious fear of the approaching vehicles, the momma dog remained standing and continued to seek assistance. She didn't mind being in danger as long as someone chose to assist her. Unfortunately, she did not receive the assistance she needed.

Esdras went over to the puppies who were lying in the grass. He was about a step away when the mother dog noticed him and ran over to stop him. She had no idea he was there to assist her and warned him to keep his distance.

The rescuer needed to quickly gain the momma dog's trust. He could tell her puppies needed medical attention with a single glance. He also suspected that something was wrong with her and that they should see a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Esdras had to put in hours of effort to save the mother dog and her puppies. But he rushed them to the vet as soon as he could. He didn't waste time because he knew the newborn puppies needed to see a specialist as soon as possible.

Thousands of fleas swarmed the entire family. However, one puppy was significantly more infested than his siblings. He needed special attention, but everyone got the attention they needed.

The rescuer has taken in the mother dog and her six puppies. They will be available for adoption soon, but for the time being, they have been placed in a foster home where they will be able to stay together until they are all ready to start over.


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