Bathed In Blood And Mud, Desperately Watches Other Dogs In The Slaughterhouse Until Miracle Happens & Touching Story Behind

Did you know about the Southeast Asian dog meat trade and restaurants serving dog meat in Cambodia? As a result, many meat farms have essentially become slaughterhouses. It's both repulsive and upsetting. Thankfully, there are people on a mission to save dogs from this horrible fate.

Michael Chour, the founder of The Sound of Animals, a group that rescues dogs from the Southeast Asian meat trade, is one such person. He has become a vocal opponent of dog consumption and has had some success in rescuing dogs on their way to slaughter.

This dog was on the verge of death when he was sold into a dog slaughterhouse. Butchers put him in a bag, and he bathes in blood and mud. The cruels tied him in a bag like a commodity, and they don't even understand the horror of their acts.

The poor dog couldn't understand how he could have ended up in this hell from a warm home... Michael Chour then appeared and rescued him. He bought the dog right away and took him to the Angkor Veterinary Clinic.

He took the dog to an Animal Shelter and  took care of him.

The dog was moved to a temporary shelter in O Smach, Cambodia, where his health would be assessed before being moved to The Sound of Animals' large dog shelter in Ban Kruat District, Thailand.

We are eternally grateful to Chour for his vision and all of his efforts to save dogs. Thank you for your dedication and compassion, Chour. Your acts of kindness to dogs are extraordinary.


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