Starving and Exhausted Mother Dog just crying and Desperate to Feed Her Puppy


It was very exhausting to find the poor mother dog and her child. Both of them were terribly underweight and dehydrated. Being a homeless family, they were never properly fed.

Being unable to feed her child, the poor mother was in such a frantic state. Extremely intense and distressing describe it. The destitute family was able to receive assistance from a kind Samaritan who intervened. Before taking them to the veterinarian, she fed them.

Though shocked, the vet was confident that she could assist the animals. She infused fluid and tonic into the mother's IV. She was unable to even stand, the mother dog was so weak. In order to recover, they need space and sufficient nursing care.

When the leftovers were around, they used to live there. However, now that they have been adopted, this great family will be looked after and loved forever. Their foster mother gives them all they need, and they have a fantastic diet. Each day they recover.

She's just been receiving attentive care for three months, but now she's gaining weight and looking good. Also developing in excellent health is her puppy. It was made possible by everyone and Abrigo Animais Aumigos, therefore we thank you.

To your family and friends, I kindly ask that you pass this forward.


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