Rescued Pregnant Stray Dog Can’t Stop Smiling After Surviving Hoarding Situation


Upon being rescued from a hoarding situation, this pregnant stray dog couldn't help but smile.

Due to human mistreatment, some dogs undergo a lot of agony throughout their lives. However, there are others in the world ready to offer these pets a second chance and the affection they so richly deserve.

This is the tale of a dog that endured a great deal while never losing her smile and who, at last, has reason to actually laugh.

The story of a dog named "Smile," so called because she always has a smile on her face, was told by Minnesota's No Dog Left Behind canine rescue last month.

In spite of the fact that Smile appears to be joyful, she has experienced many difficult circumstances. In Tijuana, Mexico, she was saved from a hoarding circumstance. 23 dogs and 21 cats living in appalling conditions were discovered by the rescue.

Dog gone The homeowner reportedly had excellent intentions, but due to stress and the dogs breeding and spreading sickness, she lost control of the situation. Numerous women were carrying unborn children, and the majority of them had sarcoptic mange, a painful and contagious skin condition.

Smile had some mange that hurt her, but her condition was actually fairly modest. Infections brought on by ticks also plagued her. Additionally, it was discovered that she was expecting, but the violence and anxiety caused her to miscarry. The rescuers said, "It hurts our heart for her.

In order to give Smile the second opportunity she so richly earned, No Dog Left Behind started attending to her physical problems. The hope we perceived in her eyes caused us to fall in love. They stated on Facebook, "Smile was meant to join our rescue.

Smile never lost her enormous contagious grin despite the pain and suffering she had experienced and was now on the path to a better life. Smile is amazingly thankful and trusting despite the agony and discomfort. She is aware that things will get better after this," they said.

The rescuers were very taken with Smile, especially NDLB operations manager Stephanie Easley, who says that Smile "captured [her] heart."

Stephanie volunteered to take in Smile once she had recovered from her quarantine for her skin condition. Smile is even more delighted in her new foster home, according to the woman, who claimed it has been a wonderful experience.

Stephanie said to The Dodo, "The moment I open my eyes, she's already looking at me and, of course, smiling." She is the most unique dog I've ever met because of the true affection that shines from her eyes. By simply looking at them, you can tell exactly what she's thinking or feeling.

Although Stephanie feels her home isn't exactly the ideal "forever home" for Smile, their temporary foster status, their foster status is just temporary. She nonetheless thinks that this magnificent puppy will find the ideal home someday.

The Dodo quoted her as saying, "My hope is that she'll receive a family that is as crazy about her as mine is, [one] that makes her smile and look at them with all the love in her eyes."

After everything she's gone through, we are overjoyed to see Smile doing so well, and we sincerely hope that she soon finds a forever home. Without a doubt, her grin is stunning!

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