Man Left His Old Dog Tied To Public Bathroom With Note Saying “Be Nice To Dog”

 During a visit to Louisiana's Destrehan's Splash Park, Ladybird, a 9-year-old black Labrador, was found chained to a public lavatory.

She was carrying food and water in addition to a letter that read, "Be nice 2 dog - got stuck no car - be back soon - give my dog some water - be back in morning."

The local animal control department concluded Ladybird had been left behind because of the note's illogical writing, so they duly transported her to the St. Charles Parish Animal Shelter.

But the following morning, the dog's real owner called, confirming that she had really ridden her bicycle to the park to get Ladybird back.

The personnel eventually found out about the man's terrible ordeal after animal control directed him to the rescue.

He admitted during a moving chat that he had saved Ladybird when she was just 6 weeks old. In search of excitement, the two had spent the nine years prior traversing the nation.

Things started to go wrong, though, after he lately experienced financial difficulty.

Ladybird was left at the public lavatory while the owner went to get help because he was currently homeless and without a car.

He had family willing to help him get back on his feet in North Carolina, so he planned to move there with his dog.

Due to his lack of mobility, he chose to stay in Louisiana.

The men cared about Ladybird, and they didn't want her to suffer in her old age, as the employees could see.

After much consideration they agreed to help him get Ladybird to his family's house in North Carolina.

The nicest part was that a number of other rescue groups, including "Turning Rescues into Pets," "GreaterGood," and "Wings Of Rescue," offered their help!

To learn how these great rescuers' bravery led to Ladybird's happy ending, watch this video all the way to the conclusion.

The most kind-hearted and judgment-free method possible was used to help Ladybird and her father through these rescues, and that is just amazing!

In the movie below, Ladybird travels through difficult moments and encounters the most adorable angels.

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