Husky rescued from 113-degree car now living her best life with new family


The number of tales about dogs left in hot automobiles each year is just too high. As a result of far too many owners leaving their dogs in hot, cramped automobiles, dogs suffer and sometimes even pass away from heat stroke, which is a serious condition.

A husky dog was found with her lips taped shut in a sweltering automobile outside a Las Vegas casino last summer, which is one of the more frightening instances.

Happily, though, the dog made it through the ordeal, and now days, months later, she's having the time of her life.

The 3-month-old husky puppy was reported to have been trapped inside an SUV in the Bellagio casino parking lot on July 20. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department was called to the scene.

Temperatures had climbed to 113 degrees, and the poor dog's mouth was taped shut. Consider how terrible it must have been for the husky in such intense heat; her life was in considerable danger. Leaving a dog in a car in any condition may be distressing.

Authorities claim that the dog was left without food, drink, or air conditioning for two hours while the owner played video games inside.

The LVMPD was able to successfully remove the dog from the car's sunroof. According to bodycam footage provided by the department, the dog was seen to be gasping for air and salivating.

Owner Raul Carbajal, age 50, was taken into custody for intentional and deliberate animal abuse.

The unfortunate animal's life quickly got better, despite the case being distressing. Just weeks after being rescued, the husky, now known as Duchess, was adopted, according to the Las Vegas-based organization The Animal Foundation!

Duchess has been living her best life ever since being rescued, the shelter just provided another update.

According to Animal Foundation, "She is a part of an amazing family who adores her." She adores sneaking into the kids' beds and cuddling with her new furry siblings.

The new family for Duchess is a complete contrast to her previous owner, who mistreated and abused her. As part of her national trip, the duchess stopped visited Arizona, California, and Nevada.

Furthermore, Duchess now appreciates the cold after being saved from that scorching hot car; it is believed that she never passes up the chance to play in the snow.

According to the Animal Foundation, "Talk about a good life."

We are overjoyed with how Duchess' situation has turned out, since she was saved from a terrible predicament and now lives in the most ideal of new homes.

I appreciate the affection you gave to this adorable dog. If possible, let people know about this amazing tale.


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