Heartbreaking as it is, a dog with a huge tumor on her head was abandoned on the streets, but three consecutive hospitals have refused treatment


Do you think that light can be powerful? We serve as your beacon. You must move on, Xiao Fu! Okay, you must recharge. Your safety is guaranteed. Certainly, it will get better.

The volunteers got a worrying call about a month ago. A dog was found lying by the side of the road, which is an unbelievable sight, and they were informed about it. The poor dog had a large tumor on his chest, was unkempt, and drooled all the time. Despite the terrible situation, the dog approached with beautiful coquettishness.

Quickly racing to its aid, the volunteers. Even though the dog had lived up until this point, its past must have been horrific. In order to receive emergency care, they hurried it to the hospital right away.

This courageous dog, now known as Xiao Fu, waggled its tail in spite of its dreadful situation. The degree of bone loss caused by the malignancy was revealed by the medical examination. The doctor warned that the situation might be too bad to attempt treatment.

Undeterred, the volunteers continued to get more opinions and took Xiao Fu to various hospitals. They eventually located a hospital that was prepared to try treatment. Its determination to survive was evident in Xiao Fu's optimistic eyes, and it was getting better every day.

There were challenges on Xiao Fu's quest. In addition to undergoing various tests, it underwent a blood transfusion. The volunteers encountered uncertain and discouraging circumstances at times, yet they persisted. They trusted the tenacity of Xiao Fu.

A CT scan, however, produced disastrous results. A crucial nerve and bone were damaged by the tumor's head-wide expansion. The volunteers persevered despite the fact that surgery was not an option. They discovered that Xiao Fu had a kind of cancer called a vascular fibroma, which was amenable to medication.

After receiving ongoing care for two months, Xiao Fu had put on weight and was receiving the assistance it required. Although its future was still in doubt, Xiao Fu was able to live each day without remorse, surrounded by warmth and dedication, thanks to the love and support it had received.


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