How a Brave Lady Saved 10 Adorable Pups Trapped in a Rocky Den


A man named Mark (who opted not to give his last name) was lured to an odd crying sound as he was strolling about Sarajevo, Bosnia. On the side of the road, he came closer to a cardboard box that was laying amid the trees. Surprised, he discovered four pups that had been abandoned cuddled up in the dirt and making frantic calls for help.

Lisa, Mark's wife, reportedly told The Dodo that he never even contemplated leaving the puppies behind. The Nomadic Canadians, a couple who went by the moniker, had quit their jobs and sold their home to fund their world travels. In Sarajevo, Mark noticed the gorgeous puppies while residing in a rental apartment. They were lucky that their landlord let them temporarily keep the puppies while they thought about what to do.

It was difficult to control four rambunctious puppies in such a little space. Lisa explained that she and Mark had to alternate sleeping in order to watch the adorable little ones because they would wake up every few hours. Although they made every effort, it was difficult to keep the dogs amused. Despite how much they adored the puppies, Mark and Lisa understood it would be impossible to bring them on their trip. They were left to ponder how they would ever be able to locate someone to adopt the furry companions in a faraway country.

Lisa admitted that she was having trouble deciding what to do next because her mind was racing. Over the course of the next six days, they went through a range of emotions, including sadness over the dogs' abandonment, gratitude for their discovery, worry about what to do next, joy at being able to spend time with them, lack of sleep, fear and stress over not finding a solution, but also hope and determination. After losing their own dog, Kelso, three years prior, Lisa and her boyfriend knew they couldn't give up on these pups.

When asked if she could leave her pets behind, Lisa said she couldn't bear to do so. The puppies were being walked outside the apartment complex when fortunately a local family became interested in them. They helped the couple find a location to stay that would be suitable, and after some looking, they discovered Save The Animals Now, a shelter with lots of room. With tears streaming down her cheeks, Lisa expressed her happiness at learning that the puppies would be adequately cared for. She thought it was fate that brought the family and the shelter together, and that everything had happened just as it was supposed to.

After some time had passed, the couple learned some fantastic news. They had saved four puppies, and they were all waiting for their new families in loving homes. The result was heartwarming and wouldn't have been possible without their help. These furry pals, who had previously been left by the side of the road, would now get the love and care they deserved. The video of their rescue can be seen here:


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