Shattered Dog Struck In Head Wants To Live Despite His Body Shutting Down


Humans should be able to love and adore all animals!

The puppy's owner hit him over the head in a fit of wrath, which is how this horrible ailment developed. He had suffered significant injuries, including a broken head. The youngster initially did not respond because of his severely enlarged, tiny skull.

After a complaint about the mistreatment, the tiny puppy was saved. He was swiftly evaluated when they brought him to the vet's office. His condition was questionable as he took a heavy blow to the head.

As time was of the essence in saving his life, he was being closely watched. If his condition deteriorated, the vet would be helpless to save him. Everyone, however, admired the bravery and will to live of this tiny fighter.

His new buddies would enquire about his health so they could make sure he was okay. The dog got better over time despite having serious injury convulsions. Upon recognizing his amiable humans, he was ecstatic.

Amazingly, despite this cruel behavior, dogs continue to greet people affectionately.

The veterinarian recommended an excellent course of action once the dog's condition had somewhat improved. Along with lots of support from his friends, the plan also included anti-seizure medications and a high-protein diet.

The puppy needs a lot of prayers as he is still healing from his serious condition. The tiny fighter's condition is uncertain, but we wish him speedy recovery!

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