Homeless dog who donated blood to save other dogs now needs help to save his own life


A hero dog, he is. He has helped save the life of another dog in the animal emergency clinic by donating blood, but now he needs assistance to preserve his own life.

The same should be done for those who are encouraging, kind, and willing to assist others when they are in need. But it's not just people; there are also animals that, while at one time being extraordinarily helpful, may later need assistance.

This is the story of Stanford, a Rhodesian Ridgeback dog who was saved and has spent 4 months in the southern Texas facility of the Smith County Animal Shelter.

Because he even gave blood to another hairy dog so that it could survive, he has established a reputation for being a devoted dog during his time at the shelter. The 2-and-a-half-year-old has a troubled past, but nobody has expressed interest in adopting him.

"This dog is a hero. County animal shelter manager Amber Greene told WFAA that the man gave blood to the animal emergency center to help save the life of another dog.

This dog received free immunizations for as long as it is 8 years old since it donated blood. She hasn't, however, been blessed with a spot in a man's home because any of these are sufficiently attractive.

But it's not simply the time he spends there alone; in accordance with the laws, even the furry one risks being put to death if a home is not found for him quickly.

According to Greene, "the only way they can leave is by being adopted, moved, or killed."

The furry has already made enough sacrifices for his community, so it would be quite embarrassing if something happened to him. We don't want to do it, anyone. The choice between rescuing them and taking them to a home is ours, Greene continued.

Stanford's life is in danger because these shelters need to find a place to house the new dogs that will be arriving.


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