This is a beautiful story How a girl without an arm makes best friends with a dog without a paw


The beloved companion of a little Queensland child born with only one arm is a three-legged puppy. A Staffy Boston Terrier Cross named Snowy is Ella Peggie's soul mate, and she is only one year old. The moment Snowy's mother Brooke Hodgson learned about the hound pound online, she knew Snowy would be the ideal match. Through the highs and lows of Ella's existence, the mother, 21, hopes the puppy will be by her side as she grows up.

When playing with her friends, she won't be able to climb the monkey bars or ride her bike to school.

But, tiny Ella Peggie, who was born without her left arm, will have an exceptional chance to form a life-altering bond with her new, cherished pet—a three-legged puppy.

Her mother, Brooke Hodgson, was aware that Snowy, a Staffy Boston Terrier Cross who was one year old, would make the ideal playmate for her young daughter.

The mother, who was 21 years old, made the decision to write a sincere email to the Animal Welfare League of Queensland (AWLQ), asking if they could hold the abandoned puppy at the Gold Coast rehoming facility.

'My heart skipped a beat when I saw Snowy online,' Ms. Hodgson said from her Loganholm, Queensland, hometown to Daily Mail Australia.

They are the same age, so they will have a long friendship ahead of them. I thought she would be the ideal match for Ella. With age, Snowy will undoubtedly gain more confidence.

"It will be great for her [Ella] when she realizes she's different or when she's having a bad day, she will see the resemblance and know that she's not alone," said the author.

The pound puppy, who had surgery recently to amputate a leg, was turned over to the animal shelter last week and within three days had found a new home.

The mother-of-two claimed she has been moved by the pair's endearing rapport ever since the energetic puppy joined the family as the newest member. Additionally, she wishes for the devoted dog to support Ella through all of life's ups and downs.

Ella required some time to get used to the boisterous dog, according to Ms. Hodgson.

"Ella hasn't been around animals before so she was a little iffy when we got Snowy up but she has warmed up to her quite fast," she said.

Ella constantly kisses her when they are cuddled quite close. \s’

In addition, I've seen that every morning, Snowy runs to Ella before going anywhere else. One must witness this wonderful friendship. It will undoubtedly benefit Ella significantly, in my opinion.

I'm simply happy I could give her this dog, that's all. They are getting so near, I can scarcely stand it. We are so privileged to have Snowy; I can't even begin to describe how happy I am right now. Not many people can do this for their kids.

The young mother claimed that Snowy, who joined the family only a week ago, has played a very vital role in Ella's life together with her 22-year-old father Stewart Peggie, her 3-year-old brother Blake, and both of their parents.

Despite her daughter's ailment, the dedicated mother insisted that baby Ella, who has Amniotic Band syndrome, is a healthy baby who has never failed to win people over.

"Ella is perfect and just a kid like any other," Ms. Hodgson continued.

She is independent and has discovered a workaround. She is adjusting well because she likes to play with her head and feet a lot. She's learned to walk around the house on her bum rather than her knees.

I first had some concerns about how she would adjust to prep school after being born in a hospital ward. She won't be able to use two hands to perform things like use scissors to cut paper.

Nonetheless, when we reach that bridge, we will cross it. I could not be happier with our beautiful, content, and healthy young girl right now.

Update: Seven years later, Ella and her cherished puppy are still having the time of their lives and have proven her family wrong about everything.


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