Pittiе faIIs asIееρ оn fоstеr mоm’s hand aftеr finaIIy bеing rеsсuеd


Trap probably didn't have a very loving upbringing.

After all, his father had once âbаndned him on a Brooklyn street by tying him to a gate.

It was horrible to see the video of Trap being abandoned. When Trap's previous owner saw him tied up, she went inside the nearby business and informed the owner that a dog had been left there.

Trap seemed extremely perplexed and unhappy after his father vanished. He was seeking assistance from everyone passing by. Thankfully, there were nice individuals who observed the dog's anguish and realized he had been abandoned. When some good samaritans called Mr. Bones & Co., the pit bull was taken in and brought to their One Lucky Pup program.

They gave Trap a thorough medical examination and took wonderful care of him. They planned for him to get a hip replacement after discovering that he had hip dysplasia. When that operation didn't work, they got him a new one and put him through a lot of physical therapy until he regained his mobility.

The rotten teeth of poor People required dental surgery as well. Once they were able to get in touch with Trap's old owners thanks to his microchip, they discovered that his real name was Trap.

She watched over him for six weeks as he recovered from his surgeries.

Mr. Bones & Co. Rescue stated on their Facebook page, "We took things one day at a time, and his foster mama set him up for success every step of the way.

Trap was accompanied to all of his appointments by Kristin, who also watched after him to ensure that he recovered quickly and didn't overdo it.

With his foster mother by his side, Trap felt so secure that he dozed off in her arms. At his foster family, Trap was well treated. He had plenty of toys to play with, warm sweaters to wear, and hugs and kisses in abundance.

Trap was prepared to be offered for adoption after his last examination. Just as Mr. Bones & Co. were about to share this, they got a call from his foster mother, Kristin. "She carried him when he couldn't walk, hand-fed him when he was too medicated to eat, slept on the floor next to him when he needed reassurance, and meticulously practiced the home rehab exercises," they wrote.

Kristin revealed how deeply attached she had become to Trap. She was unable to abandon him in any way. Nothing could have ended more happily for Trap's narrative. Trap is currently living the life of his dreams with someone who loves him very much, a year after being recklessly dumped.


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