Emotional Moments when Lonely Shelter Dog Reaches Paw Through Bars To Hold Hands With Everyone She Meets


Eden has always had a kind heart. She usually gave a subdued tail wag in response to strangers who passed by to leave her food while she was a stray dog lying under a tree.

She can't help but reach her paw through her cage to hold hands with anyone who walks by while she waits at an animal hospital for a forever home.

The Suzette Hall The founder of Logan's Legacy dog rescue, Suzette Hall, is not sure what specifically led Eden to begin residing under the tree in Southern California, but she could tell when the rescuer showed up to save her that she had been there for a very long time.

She stayed there "for weeks and weeks," Hall told The Dodo. "She refused to go."

Eden was visited by people who left food for her under the tree, but no one came to save her. So, Hall wasted no time in snatching up the sweet canine when she learned of her need for a home.

Eden's mood improved the moment she spotted Hall.

'She understood she was getting help,' Hall added. She was aware that the moment had come for her to leave the tree.

Eden was given a much-needed bath by her new mates after being taken to the veterinarian by Hall. The crew immediately started treating the dog after realizing that she was dangerously underweight and had a nasty skin disease. She soon began to emerge as a personality.

The sweetest dog you've ever met, according to Hall. She is simply a lover, I say.

Eden was put in her own kennel so she could relax and heal by the veterinary team. Eden began by spending the majority of her time curled up in bed. But one day, a medical visitor passed by her kennel and noticed one grey and white paw poking through the bars.

They took hold of Eden's paw and gently squeezed it.

She simply desires to touch our hands, Hall remarked. She will grasp your hand and then emit the cutest howl ever, as if to express her love for you.

Since then, Eden has been extending her paw to anybody who passes by. The sweet dog has shaken numerous hands since she's been at the vet, but she's still looking for that one unique connection.

Hall stated, "We're trying to place her in a forever home. She is the only one who truly deserves it.

Due of her extended period of independence outside, Eden doesn't feel particularly at ease around other dogs. It's going to take a lot of work for the pooch to feel more confident, but her hospital buddies are helping her get over her anxiety by taking her on walks with dog trainers. In order to accommodate Eden as the lone dog, Hall is seeking a permanent residence.

Even though it's taking longer to locate Eden the ideal match, Hall is confident that the right family will quickly fall head over heels for her. It's difficult not to, in the rescuer's opinion.

Hall remarked, "Everyone falls in love with her. "She's just a total darling and cuddler."

For the time being, Eden will continue shaking hands and sharing love at the animal hospital. Although some could argue she's requesting attention, Hall thinks she's expressing something else.

She seemed to be saying "Thank you" to everyone, according to Hall. "'I'm grateful you noticed me.'"


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