A friendly Stray Dog Waits In The Same Place Every Day For Someone To Help


A Romanian charity organization dedicated to dog rescue, Howl of a Dog, discovered Remy, a lovely stray puppy. Every day he waits in the same spot for someone kind-hearted to take care of him.

He was spotted by the rescuers when they were running a spay-neuter campaign in a rural Romanian area.

Dogs are often kept as "tools" for protection or guarding in rural Romania rather than as members of the family.

There, many dogs still have their noses burnt with a hot iron in order to boost their immunity and treat distemper. These are old, horrific "traditions" that are still in use.

Even though he is friendly, no one has given Remy a place to live, so he is forced to fend for himself. During their visit, they made an effort to locate a place for him to live, but nobody was interested. It's a good thing the rescuers decided to retain him and started hunting for a family outside of the rural area.

He deserves a contented home because he is such a good dog.


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