Puppy Born With Six Legs And Two Tails Was Rejected By His Own Mom But He Did not Give Up On Life

 Worldwide, a sizable number of people are still impacted by unexpected birth defects. Others are despised for their peculiarities, but others are cherished and welcomed. They act in a manner akin to animals. Skipper is a prime illustration of such a predicament. Her mother gave birth to a six-legged, two-tailed dog, but she rejected it.

On February 16, the Australian Collie mix and her eight siblings were naturally born in Oklahoma. Compared to her sisters and siblings, who were all healthy and typical, Skipper had a slightly different issue. Because her mother had also abandoned the young cat, she was brought to Neel Veterinary Hospital for better care.

Skipper is referred to as a "miracle" since many people think she is the first of her species to have survived.

This Skipper is a miracle. Literally. She has survived longer than we believe any other dog has despite having a number of congenital problems (at only 4 days old - published research does not show one has been born alive), genetic disorders, and other health problems "hospital-related Facebook post.

Then, why was Skipper acting in such a strange and off-putting way? The odd dog was born as a consequence of surgery performed by the hospital's vets on what they believed to be one egg in the cat mother's womb that had the potential to divide into twins but had only partially succeeded.

Skipper overcame her conditions and is still alive today thanks to her own willpower and the right medical attention. The youngster also has duplicate organs below the waist, yet they nonetheless function normally.

At this point, Skipper is surrounded by affection and is making numerous sincere apologies. Even though Skipper's guardians have informed everyone that she "is a happy and healthy puppy," some people are still concerned about it. Nobody anticipated that she would experience pain, but she doesn't." It is obvious that we have nothing to worry about, at least not right now.

Neel Veterinary Hospital stated on Facebook that they "do not intend to put her down because there is no hint she is in pain or will be." The veterans "expect a voyage," which means they anticipate Skipper will live a successful and contented life, but they are unsure of what is to come.

The hospital has established a Facebook page that has gathered more than 55 thousand followers for everyone interested in keeping up with Skipper's development.

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