Girl Rescues Dying Dog And Then He Let’s Her Know It’s Time To Say ‘Goodbye’


All of us have read about and seen images of dogs that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. They always succeed in doing it in a unique way that touches our hearts. Here, Sophiane and Hippo are depicted, and their story is told.

Sophiane Nacer wanted to give the abandoned dog the greatest "end of days," despite the fact that she knew she couldn't save him. She swore that Hippo, a lonely old stray with tumors all over his body, would only know love after he passed away.

Sophiane, the 19-year-old founder of Cayleb's Kindred Senior Dog Rescue, told TODAY that Hippo would have the best last day ever.

Before Sophiane adopted Hippo, he had spent five days in the shelter. The dog was in so much discomfort that his skin felt thin. Sophiane questioned whether Hippo was even conscious of his excruciating anguish.

She was convinced after noticing his tail wag. There was yet hope for the sick canine. He fought for love and happiness before he left this life. Sophiane got Hippo a Puppuccino, the chain's unknown menu item that is just a cup of delicious whipped cream and drives dogs insane.

The following day, Hippo was still optimistic, so Sophiane took him to a dog park so he could have some fun. He thought everything was fantastic! But after that, he had something to say to Sophiane.

The elderly dog was optimistic and exhausted, but he also had some crucial information to share with his new best friend. He was preparing to leave. He was overjoyed to be able to spend time with Sophiane, but he had to leave since he was exhausted and in excruciating pain.

After visiting the dog park, Sophiane invited a veterinarian with expertise in euthanasia to her home. For his final meal, the veterinary expert served him a roasted chicken that was stuffed with tranquilizers. He sat as comfortably as he could for his final dinner close to Sophiane, and then drifted off to sleep.

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