Adopt The Dog That No One Wanted Because Of His Striking Appearance And Give Him The Greatest Final Days Possible

 A ill dog was adopted by an Argentine who then gave him the sweetest farewell gift conceivable so that he may spend his dying days with "unconditional affection."

After receiving a cancer diagnosis, Thanos, the unhappy dog, quickly experienced its rapid progress to his head, creating the enormous tumor visible in the pictures.

Four families have already turned down Thanos because of his illness. Thankfully, in his final weeks of life, kindhearted Luciano Karosas took the unhappy dog into his home.

The tumor in Thanos's head was malignant.

Before being taken in by 21-year-old Luciano, Thanos, the dog who had previously been known as Coconut, was diagnosed with a fatal tumor on his skull and had just a few weeks to live.

Thanos, who had been known as Coconut before being taken in by the kind Argentine, had only a few weeks left to live since a malignant tumor had started to grow within his brain.

Only a few weeks were predicted for his survival.

When Thanos was given the terrible news, he was already living with a different family, and when it became impossible to care for him and the illness had spread to his head, they felt they had no choice but to give him up.

Thanos was eventually adopted by numerous other families, but they were perplexed by his condition and what it entailed; as a result, he was sent back to an animal shelter, where he met Luciano, his last mate.

For the course of his final days on Earth, Luciano wanted to show him nothing but love.

The 21-year-old was moved by the dog's moving story when he went to the shelter and made the decision to adopt him then and then to give him the most loving final few weeks possible. He admitted to Portal Amigo Cao, "I came out with a piece of my heart in my palm.

The well-being and happiness of his new pet were important to Luciano since he was determined to make Thanos' final moments special. He initially refused to accept that he had no control over the situation and exerted every effort to save the animal. The 21-year-old took the puppy to a veterinarian in a desperate attempt to save his life, hoping that they could save him.

He continued, "I had a hard time getting used to the idea that we would be spending so little time together. When I took him to a stem cell veterinarian to see what we could do to give him a little more hope (he had been given 40 days to live), I was told there is no medication that will extend that time.

Even though the news was depressing and there was nothing more they could do, Luciano and Thanos made the choice to make the most of their time together.

Thanos looked happier than he had ever been during the brief time he spent with Luciano, even playing and cuddling with him like any other dog. He showered the dog with as much attention as he could.

As anticipated, the horrible illness took its toll on Thanos, who later passed away. On social media, he received a "happy journey" message from his new owner and all-around great samaratin, who also posted the message, "I will love you forever."


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