Unwanted Dog Beats Cancer And Gets Her Loving Forever Home

 The Sidewalk team saw a dog by the name of Sid while out on one of its outreach drives in De Doorns.

Sidewalk is based in De Doorns, South Africa, and does bulk sterilizations in addition to dog rescue. The organization's mission is to assist animals by offering free veterinarian care and sterilization. In case free chemotherapy wasn't enough, dogs with transmissible venereal tumors are also eligible (TVT).

Sid was fortunate enough to cross paths with Sidewalk.

Sid's family requested the unlucky dog be euthanized due to her cancer at the time. Her TVT status was discovered.
Thank goodness, Sidewalk can help with this kind of cancer treatment. They took Sid in and generously funded her chemotherapy sessions in an effort to aid her recovery.

They were Sid's beacon of light.

Although Sidewalk was prepared to pay for the counseling, it seemed that her former family no longer desired her. It's awful to think about how easily they could have abandoned the poor puppy just because she wasn't feeling well.
Sid underwent 12 chemotherapy treatments in total. She persisted through the arduous therapies, and she succeeded.

Sid is now officially cancer-free!

In addition, she has now found her everlasting home, which is a huge blessing!

Predicting whether someone would want to adopt a dog with a history of cancer was initially difficult. Additionally, caring for a dog is no easy task, especially if it has already fought a dreadful illness like cancer.

However, things turned out well for her.

While being carried by a kind family, her suffering has been replaced with pure joy. She is currently thought of as the family's young princess.

She now spends her time socializing with other dogs, who rapidly become her closest companions. She can play whenever she wants now that she has defeated cancer.

She deserves every single thing, without a doubt!

Sid seems to like the cuddles and kisses she receives from her furry buddies and her furdaddy. She already has some, so she's ready to pick up more. Sid is having the time of her life!

It is also evident how much better-looking she is now compared to when Sidewalk first obtained her. She seems to be in great shape and is cheerful right now.

The sole author is Sidewalk.

Sidewalk merits our best respect and gratitude for everything they do for these animals. Dogs should always get the best, and Sid got everything he needed.

Sid is now cancer-free in a house where she is valued beyond everything else. Every dog deserves to receive this. It was formerly a cancer-stricken dog, but now it's a contented, loving pet.

Bravo to Sidewalk and any other group that supports our adorable dogs.
In the video down below, you can see Sid's bright new life.

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