Tragedy Left Doggo Maimed For Life, But He Never Let It Stop Him And He Was Rewarded With Forever Unconditional Love

 Dogs have an unwavering love for us. They don't give a damn if we live on the street, if our house is a mess, or if we haven't taken a shower in days. The lack of jobs or cars doesn't matter to dogs.

The only thing a dog really wants is your love. Food and drink are not included. Their loyalty will always be with you, even if you turn on them. We don't deserve them, and that fact alone proves it.

Unconditional, eternal love was never made available to this poor little guy. up to now. His mother hit him when he was 13 days old. He survived the attack, but it left him scarred and partially blind.

Introducing Brody, a Border Collie/German Shepherd mix.

Before finding his forever family, Brody was adopted by someone else. Things didn't work out, sadly, because the previous owner couldn't keep up with his unbridled enthusiasm.

The Old McDonald's Asylum in Alberta adopted him as a result. Brad Ames, Amanda Richter's partner, and they went after. They looked at each other and embraced Brody as soon as they made eye contact.

He was actually taken in by them right away. Instead of concentrating on his heart, they chose to ignore his deformed face.

Brody had found true, unwavering love at last.

The couple decided to give Brody and their life together their entire Instagram account.

He can be seen playing joyfully with a ball in some of their movies, but in others, he may have been severely scratched on the head and genuinely doesn't care how it looks.

Surely everyone enjoys watching babies?

It was decided to get in touch with Brody's previous owners to see if they had any photos of Brody when he was a puppy after receiving requests from his admirers who wanted to see him as a puppy but were aware that the pair didn't have any.

Lucky for them!

"Here is Brody's childhood photo because many of you have asked to see it. We appreciate his previous family getting in touch with us and showing us what a wonderful baby he was!"

Following Brody's social media success, many people showed their love and support for him.

Now almost 65k people follow this brave dog!

His grateful owners immediately expressed their gratitude for the outpouring of support and fervently urged people to adopt animals like Brody.

"You can see why everyone loves this little fool as much as we do, hehe. All of this attention is in the hopes that it will aid others in choosing to rescue and adopt animals that are "less-than-perfect," specifically! As much as anyone else, they deserve love."

Your love is greatly appreciated. The rescuers and shelter staff in your community need your support!


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