The sick calf lay alone on the ground until a dog appeared that changed everything

 Lewis' fast recovery was aided in part by Sky the therapy dog.

The Gentle Barn's creators, Ellie Laks and Jay Weiner, adopted an abandoned calf in 2020. They rescued an abandoned calf from a butcher where his mother had died. He had just been alive for a week. They gave him the name John Lewis Thunderheart because he was also a fighter.

When Lewis arrived at The Gentle Barn, he was in bad shape. "He had severe pneumonia. He exhaled sharply and loudly. He coughed a much. Ellie explained, "He had a pretty high fever.

Lewis' traumatic birth experience prevented him from receiving enough colostrum to develop a stronger immune system. Because of this, he fought for his life when he developed pneumonia.

They carried him inside their air-conditioned home after realizing he couldn't survive in the barn. They would be able to care for him round-the-clock if they could provide him with a clean, cool environment.

Lewis will ultimately gain a lot from the presence of another animal inside the home.

Sky is the name of the individual.

Sky was given up by his previous owner because she couldn't keep up with his level of energy and was adopted by The Gentle Barn. Sky was never meant to be their dog, but he made a great therapy dog. He has the ability to bring people to their feet in laughter, soften the hearts of those who are furious, and reassure those who are terrified.

He was Lewis' ideal friend during his recovery because of this. Sky soothed him, comforted him, and would curl up next to him, Ellie said. "We just kept giving him love and care till he started to heal slowly."

They observed Lewis and Sky had developed a strong bond when Lewis was able to walk outside.

Sky is as mouthy as a puppy, and Lewis is as goofy as a cow, yet they manage to get along and understand one another, according to Ellie. "They scuffle and run about the yard.

Sky was there to help Lewis adjust to his new home on the farm when Ellie took him for walks about the property and introduced him to the other cows.

Lewis weighed just 50 pounds when he was a week old. He is already two years old and more than a thousand pounds. He has grown considerably in size in comparison to Sky.

Now that they are

aware of the substantial weight difference between them, they are not as physical with one another. But that doesn't stop them from expressing their affection for one another.

Lewis will pass out and be laid by Sky. After licking Lewis, he will lie down next to him. "When I watch Lewis and Sky together, there are a lot of things for which to be grateful. Ellie said, "What I enjoy about them is that no matter how old or large they become, their love never dies. "We spot a cow and a dog. However, John Lewis and Sky only perceive love, family, and friends.

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