Puppy is abandoned in the middle of nowhere in a suitcase, but he didn’t stop fighting


During the past year, one of the most tragic scenarios was encountered by the Lega Del Cane Trani rescue team. A man spotted something strange while traveling between Trani and Barletta in Italy.

An abandoned suitcase that had broken on the side of the road was only a few inches away from a dog. The manner in which the luggage was torn revealed the terrible situation in which this furry friend had found himself.

One person expressed their outrage on social media, asking "How is it possible that someone would do something like that to a vulnerable being?"

Everything seemed to point to his being put in that folder to be thrown away. Although he appeared exhausted and lifeless, he was able to flee.

When someone found him, they alerted the rescue team. He was immediately taken in and given care of. The child's wellbeing was in jeopardy.

Gastrointestinal issues tormented him. Obtaining the assistance he required also appeared unattainable because he didn't trust anyone.

The results of his tests are truly amazing. In addition to liver failure and necrosis in some tissues, there is anemia and hyperparathyroidism. His fat intestinal system is clogged with stones and extraterrestrial skins, said a representative of the Foundation.

However, this unhappy fuzzy creature deserved to be joyful. Many people would give up in such a difficult situation.

Someone said online, "Those who found him and saved him are angels."

He was extremely weak for several weeks, but over time he gained the strength to stand and eat by himself.

He was granted the name Kei despite his precarious state, and his main challenge was reviving faith in people.

One of the rescuers said, "We're not sure if he's a new puppy or if his fear is a result of everything he's been through.

Over time, he gave himself permission to have more faith in people. He appeared to be aware of how his strength is increasing as a result of the vets' care.

Knowing that the dog received all the assistance he required in light of his harrowing past gives me hope.

A dog that needs both physical and mental rehabilitation will be adopted by whoever does so, according to Kei. One of the rescuers said that it was a big commitment.

Nobody should be imprisoned and abandoned in the middle of nowhere. Kei still has a long way to go, but we're hoping he'll find a family that will adopt him.

By raising our voices, we protest the puppy's mistreatment. Those who carried out such a horrifying crime must bear the consequences of their actions.


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