Man Breaks Down When Strangers Help Rescue His Missing Dog From Fox Hole.

 After three days apart, 49-year-old Alan Whitton, with tears in his eyes, held his puppy in his arms. The reunion moment received a lot of online attention.

Only a few days ago, a small Christmas miracle took place in the UK. According to the neighborhood news website Essex Live, Alan Whitton, 49, was walking his dog in Knighton Forest, Essex, when a Basset Hound started chasing it. Little Jack Russell Mitzi has gotten away, and his owner hasn't seen him since.

The father, his wife, and their two kids spent two days searching the area from top to bottom for the Jack Russell. In addition to posting a wanted poster around the neighborhood, they also posted a notice on social media. But Mitzi was nowhere to be found.

Three days later, just as Alan had given up on ever finding his dog, a woman walking her dog in the same woods where Mitzi had gotten loose called him. Her dog was smelling a terrier, which is something he never does, according to the walker.

Neither one nor two, Alan "dropped everything" and went to the scene to investigate. She claimed that her dog had detected a fox hole, which is unusual for him to do. He tells the local media, "I dropped everything and went to investigate. Before hearing a small whine, Alan entered the burrow in question and "squeaked" one of Mitzi's favorite toys.

Alan frees his little dog by reaching into a hole in the ground; the dog then leaps into Alan's arms. There are then several tender hugs and happy tears.

After pulling his dog out of her hole, Alan gave her a bear hug and started crying with joy. It was impossible to fight back emotions as the moment was captured on camera by those who had come to help him. On his Facebook page, Alan posted the painful reunion situation.

It was like a Christmas miracle, Alan later remarked. I was unable to wake up from this nightmare. He began by forcing his way through a vegetarian sausage bun from Greggs. It's incredible.

The few ticks that were present on the small dog were correctly removed by the vet. Alan continued by saying that Mitzi was extremely important to him because she came into his life soon after his last dog passed away. In order to never again lose track of Mitzi, Alan planned to purchase a GPS collar for her.


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