Toddler Insists On Holding The Leash When Taking Her Deaf-Blind Dog For A Walk

 When the dog was given away to be put down because of her difficulties, she was only 12 weeks old. She is now, however, the world's best buddy for a tiny girl!

Echo the Great Dane was considered a "unwanted burden" by her owner because she was born blind and deaf. The puppy was just 12 weeks old when she was supposed to be put down, but Marion Dwyer discovered her and altered her fate. Immediately after retrieving Echo, Marion took her to her home in Niagara Falls, New York.

Echo developed into the cutest and most devoted puppy despite her restrictions. But Marion didn't really begin to notice a dramatic change in Echo's conduct until she found out she was pregnant. Every time, Echo would surround Marion and cuddle the growing baby as though she already knew her "favorite human" was inside.

Since Jennie was born, Echo has been nothing short of a devoted big sister. She never leaves her tiny human alone for even a single second and keeps a tight eye on her. Together, they eat, play, and take naps. Recently, they've even started taking walks. Marion thinks Jennie and Echo "speak" in a secret language that is beyond all human language!

In this video, 17-month-old Jennie's close relationship with her canine sister astounds us. While the big dog proudly guards Jennie from harm, the toddler appears at peace as she accompanies Echo on walks around the neighborhood. This heartwarming tale proves that even dogs with disabilities love their owners and deserving of a second shot.

Watch the video below to show Echo's sincere and devoted bond with deaf-blind young Jennie.


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