The police saved the puppy from a sewage pit, then adopted the dog


Lucky dog, a policeman heard the dog's cries and quickly intervened to save it.

The St. Lucie Region Sheriff's Office in Florida's police officers were leaving a call when they heard something that caused them to pause: a nearly imperceptible whimper emanating from a septic drain.

They discovered a puppy who was about to drown. He had no place to call home, so one of the cops felt it was fate that they discovered him and adopted him right away.

The faint sobs coming from an empty lot caught the deputy's attention just as they were about to leave the call they had just finished. Many people would likely have chosen to ignore them, but not these men.

One of the officers, James Gettings, discovered the small dog struggling to remain afloat in a septic drain. When he was saved, he was afraid, worn out, and on the verge of giving up.

They repeatedly bathed him until he once more smelled like a dog, and then they started looking for his family. However, it seems there was none, and Gettings thought their meeting had to be predetermined by fate.

He then took him home and gave him the fitting name Puddle. Now that he is growing up, he has all he needs and more.


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