R.I.P. Frodo, The Last Surviving Dog Rescued From Michael Vick’s Dogfighting Ring

 In 2007, authorities extricated 51 Pit Bulls from the Virginia house of Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick. These animals experienced terrible mistreatment. They endured beatings, electrocution, hanging, drowning, and forced fighting.

Sadly, just three of the dogs passed away, but 48 brave Pitties did. These fearful, formerly abused canines were shown love and patience by numerous rescue organizations and their forever families.

One of the survivors, Frodo, survived to be fifteen years old. His death occurred on December 18, 2021. He spent the following 14 years being "pampered like a prince" after suffering a year in hell at Vick's compound.

"Sweetheart" Frodo, have peace.

BAD RAP, a nonprofit animal protection organization with offices in Oakland, announced the dog's passing on Facebook. The advocacy work done by this group on behalf of and for the dogs' rehabilitation was very beneficial.

The BAD RAP entry on Frodo's passing states the following:

"Hello, Frodo. We loved the man. He was among the most heroic survivors we had ever seen."

With his devoted family by his side, Frodo lived a joyful life and passed away in love. Following is how BAD RAP described the dog's final moments:

"While his mother Kim Ramirez and her daughter Dominique were crying, Frodo ate that large bag of meat." I appreciate you seeing to his medical needs all the way through, Dr. Williams. He put his trust in you, and you delivered by making this occasion amazing."

The Recovery of Frodo's Story

Throughout his life, Frodo served as the spokesperson for the movement to dispel the negative stereotype about Pit Bulls. He also illustrated the value of kindness and patience in a dog's life.

BAD RAP, who has years of experience working with dogs rescued from fights, had faith in these puppies right away. Dogs with difficult pasts deserve a second chance, according to BAD RAP:

Frodo proved that young dogs saved from acts of brutality need socialization from the beginning in order to develop into strong, courageous adults. He was taken into custody by the police when he was between three and six months old, and he spent the next six devastating months waiting in solitary detention for help."

Frodo was remarkably cautious and terrified when he was rescued from his horrible habitat. Frodo's adopter Kim Ramirez revealed in an interview with The Mercury News from 2009:

"He dislikes the sound of anything mechanical. He would become fixated on the ceiling fans in our home, fearfully staring up at them. If I opened a cupboard he would run. You could also microwave popcorn. I'm not sure, but perhaps to him the popcorn implies shooting. I don't think he watched any of the fights. However, I'm certain he heard them."

Frodo was blessed to have the Ramirez family, who showed him such kindness and affection. The lovely dog's family started pushing him around in a stroller when his legs started to fail him.

A true survivor passed away.

The 48 Surviving "Vick" Dogs' Heroes

13 of the dogs that had been freed from Vick's ring were still alive in 2019. Just two days before Frodo and Uba crossed the rainbow bridge, Jonny Justice passed away in the company of his family in October 2021.

Despite their pasts, these dogs all had happy lives because they were given the opportunities they deserved.

Amazing things may occur when animal rights activists band together. There are 48 "Vick" dogs as evidence.

Vick admitted to killing dogs while sponsoring dogfighting, and he was given a 19-month sentence in federal prison. Despite this injustice, the widely publicized case had an impact on how Pit Bulls were perceived and how abused dogs could be rehabilitated.


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