Man Floats With 19 Year Old Elderly Dog Every Day To Ease His Pain.


You might recall seeing the picture a few years back. A long-haired, graying man is floating around with his Shepherd mix dozing off in his arms, his head resting on the man's chest.

This is the background to the picture.

Schoep was a puppy when he was adopted by John Unger. Nineteen years later, the senior dog developed hip dysplasia and arthritis. Unger came to the conclusion that giving Schoep pain medication while floating was the best method he knew of doing it.

A picture of the two of them taken by Unger's friend quickly went viral.

After the photo gained popularity, their story made headlines. Unger was able to spend an additional year with his pet Schoep thanks to donations that started to pour in from all over the world and enabled him to research other pain management techniques.

Schoep may no longer be living, but the love that was recorded in that photograph may still be felt today.

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