Dog Accompanied His Friend, A Dуіng Hоrsе սntіl Thе еnd


One of the eleven dogs Martn Miranda and his family saved is called Forastero. They also prevented the delivery of a horse to a zoo where it would have been used as food for the lions. Even though the horse, Canario, was in critical condition, the dog never left him until it was too late.

The family chose to approach the owner and ask whether they might try to save the Canary despite its fragility and unable to stand on its own. They had previously saved chicks, bunnies, and dogs, so the idea of leaving this horse to perish was too painful for them to stomach.

Canario spent five months residing with Martn's family, but nothing improved throughout that period. Canario's condition deteriorated to the extent that he was unable to stand independently.

Members of Ayuda a Caballos Maltratados (ACMA) in Argentina were called by Volunteers for Our Horses (VPN) regarding a horse who was laying on the ground and unable to stand.

The horse was missing teeth, obviously very old and worn out, had chewed through its bones, and showed other signs of wear that are typical of an older horse.

The Corse vet knew at that point that he wasn't dealing with another instance of horse abuse, which is prevalent in the area when horses are treated roughly until they exhaust themselves and die.

The doctor gave Canary an injection to put him to sleep because he was dying and unable to move, giving him relief from his suffering.

The family was shocked to find that the Canary had been sacrificed, but they quickly understood that the horse, who they had initially thought was young and unwell, was actually an aged creature seeking tranquility.


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