Cop ditches socks and shoes to rescue terrified dog hidden in dark tunnel.

 The little dog fled beneath the canal channel after being startled by a motorist and was stuck in the pitch-black tunnel. She was unable to move until a police officer came to assist her.

Officer Joe Brazil is always ready to help, and he didn't think twice about saving a poor puppy.

On May 2, 2016, Peggy Edwards posted her tale on Facebook, where it swiftly gained popularity. We were all moved by the narrative since it was so heartfelt.

Her tale involved Joe, a policeman from Woonsocket, Rhode Island. It all began when an automobile scared off a cute but fearful Yorkshire terrier puppy.

And the dog immediately ran away and into a tunnel.

"On April 30, a small puppy was running around unattended when a passing car startled it. Peggy started telling her story on Facebook: "She was lost around 20-25 feet in and hanging to the edge. It clashed with a tunnel through which a small creek passes."

She was reluctant to assist the small dog despite her instincts telling her to.

She was concerned that if she startled the unfortunate puppy, it might retreat further down the tunnel. At that moment, she was inspired.

She called the Woonsocket Police Department right afterwards, and she received help.

A little while later, Officer Joe Brazil showed there and was eager to help.

The brave Officer was anxious to help as Peggy then described what had happened.

He dove in without a second's hesitation and came out carrying a little, terrified dog. Lucky puppy, such a wonderful man. We're delighted that he was able to save the young girl, Peggy continued.

Before going under the tunnel to save the tiny dog, the kind Officer took off his shoes and socks.

"As I moved closer, I could see Cece just holding to the side and just trembling," the officer told WJAR NBC10 when they were able to speak with him. "The dog was very, terribly afraid."

The Officer took extra care not to scare the little dog further down the tunnel given how terrified she was.

The next thing he did was astounding!

Once he was close enough to the terrified dog, he had Cece follow his fingers a little further into the tunnel, and then he hoisted her up!

"It nearly looked like she was thanking us." Brazil told WJAR NBC10 that the woman seemed to understand that he was there to assist her.

As shown in the photo, the adorable puppy seems incredibly loving and appreciative of the gorgeous cop who saved her.

This dog wasn't really a stray after all. She was raised in a nice home. This lovely dog's name was Cece, according to an additional interview with WJAR NBC10.

Michelle Perez, Cece's owner, was ecstatic that her puppy had been located. She claims that her mother-in-law gave her the adorable puppy, but the next day it escaped!

Only five months old, she. In an interview, Perez claimed, "I couldn't sleep." Driving around and contacting her was all I ever did.

Peggy Edwards and the sympathetic Officer Joe Brazil helped Cece escape the scary tunnel and be reunited with her owner. We are all relieved that Cece was rescued and given back to her owner!

You can find out more about this moving tale in the video below below.

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