Angel was seen saving a stray dog on the way home from school

 Everything took place very rapidly. It was quite sentimental. Mayane Rodrigues observed something beautiful happen outside her Brazilian apartment window last week on a soggy and dismal day.

Rodrigues observed a young girl stopping on the drizzly sidewalk as she made her way home from school from a range on the street below. She would undoubtedly set her umbrella down, take off her bag, and then take off her coat.

Rodrigues realized it was all for the girl when he saw a young, stray puppy that was dripping wet at her feet.

Rodrigues watched as the girl moved forward while holding the puppy in her arms. She regarded her as an angel.

Everything occurred so swiftly. The Dodo was told by Rodrigues that it was really emotional. "I sent the video to a friend who shared it with a neighborhood group, and then I learned who the angel was," the speaker said.

Cibely Stigelmair is her name. She is twelve years old. She also helped save a life that day.

Rejane Stiegelmair, Cibely's mother, told The Dodo, "I was startled when she arrived with the dog because she was quite sweaty and wet from the rainfall. "Her clothes was covered in blood. Although she claimed the young puppy was damaged, I initially believed she had been hurt.

Fortunately, there wasn't much damage done to the tiny dog. There was nothing that a little tender care and love couldn't fix.

Cibley realized she had to make the offer herself after seeing the tiny puppy there by herself.

Cibely has a wonderful heart. She has a great deal of sympathy for stray pets," Rejane alleged. She would bring everyone home if she could.

Cibely gave the puppy, whom she named Pretinha, a warm welcome into the household.

Nobody is exactly sure how Pretinha ended up abandoned on the sidewalk that day, but one thing is certain: Her future has never looked better thanks to Cibely.

Cibely's mother declared, "As parents, we are and always have been proud of Cibely." And we're even more so right now!


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