Stray Afraid Of People Works Up The Courage To Ask 1 Man To Take His Pain Away

 Strays are left to deal with medical difficulties on their own, which can be fatal. Animal rescuers go to great lengths to help. When they heard about him, they worked hard to find a homeless dog with a massive tumor. It took some time, but they were eventually contacted and informed that he was passing by a nearby pagoda.

They were flabbergasted at the size of the mass on his shoulder when they arrived. The dog was in excruciating agony, and he kept attempting to wipe it away. The rescuers were heartbroken to learn that he had struggled alone for so long. They needed to get him to a veterinarian as soon as possible.

He was rushed to Emergency Vet Partner after being diagnosed with a tennis ball-sized tumor. The veterinarian was astonished that the dog had survived this long. As the doctor and his team got closer, they were met with an acrid stench emanating from the tumor and surrounding tissues. It was splattered with pus and blood. He required surgery immediately!

When the tumor was removed, it was as if was looking at a different dog. He still required IV antibiotics and pain medication all the time. When he was able to walk again, the rescue organization began looking for medical foster families to care for him.

The stray dog that was left on the side of the road had a miraculous recovery and was ready to go to his new home ahead of schedule. His medical foster mother adores him completely. She ensures that he attends all of his veterinarian appointments and takes all of his medications. He's still on pain medication, but he's getting better.

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