Chasing And Kissing Puppy Goodbye, Mama Dog Touched Heart With A Motherly Separation Scene

 A heartbroken mother dog was forced to say goodbye to her puppy after it was adopted in central China.

Since mid-September, when she gave birth to a litter of seven puppies, the mixed-breed stray dog has been in the custody of students at Zhengzhou University in the Henan province.

The video, which was captured on Monday, shows the tearful mother kissing her brown pup one last time before giving it to its new owner.

A worried mother followed the female owner as she carried the small pup in her arms to her scooter.

The mother dog halted next to the owner's scooter with her head bowed, tail tucked in, and ears drooping as if pleading to see her pup again.

The owner brought the young pooch to its mother, who gave it a good-bye goodbye and licked its face.

Don't worry, I'll take good care of your puppy, the owner was heard telling the mother dog.

After giving her beloved puppy one last glance, the mother dog turns her head and walks away.

Millions of people have been moved by the popular video, with many writing that the depressing farewell appears to be "something straight out of a movie."

"This is the most tragic thing I've ever seen," someone exclaimed. A comment was made by a user. I'm sobbing.

Can they both be adopted at the same time? Added someone else.

Watch the most heartbreaking video below:


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