The story of Peluche, a dog who went from living on a rooftop to being the most loved in his new home

Teddy had a cruel life living on a house's roof, his food watered and his water green while he spent hot days, but his fate changed two years later.

There are people who have earned their way to heaven by rescuing animals who have suffered and lived alone. Peluche is a puppy who had a decadent life because his first owners kept him warm and tied to the roof of his house, where no one gave him love.

Keila Andrea González is a girl who lived next neighbor to the former owners of this puppy for two years, asking the dog to give her a better life, but they refused until one day she was told that they would deliver it to her. Peluche transformed from a sad, abandoned, and loveless puppy to the most spoiled dog in the house, completely altering his life.

Rescue a puppy with a sad life on the roof of the house

According to TikTok @keilaandreagonzle, Peluche has been tied to the roof of one of González's neighbors since 2020. The poor puppy had an unkempt appearance, streaked fur, and stank horribly. On hot and rainy days, he would sleep alone in a small tin house.

When the young woman saw the situation of this dog, she felt very bad, so she asked her neighbor if she would give it to her or buy it for her, but that did not happen; what did happen is that they let her pass to leave him a bed, a small house, and take him to be bathed.

Unfortunately, he became emaciated again over time and continued to be abandoned, spending all day in the sun, drinking green water, and spending most of his time moored among the dirt.

Teddy was released forever

After two years of pleading with his neighbors, they finally agreed to give him Peluche. Keila didn't waste time and took him to clean up and bathe him because he was filthy, and even though she hurt him a little, she put up with it because the dangling and stinky fur caused more damage.

They treated him, and he has never been without love because his new owner has fought to heal his heart and lives a dream life where they take him for walks and give him caresses, and the best part is that he no longer suffers from unbearable heat and unhealthy food.

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"The story of Peluche, it took them two years to give it to me, and now that I know, a neighbor was the one who told my neighbor that she had to give it away; I had already offered to buy it, but nothing came of it." "I apologize for being late, Pelu," the post says.

Now this little dog is very happy in his new home and he sure has a long way to go, but nothing he can't. Help more puppies and kittens in this situation, they will thank you forever!


La historia de Peluche, pasaron 2 años para que pudieran dármelo y ahora que me entero, un vecino fue quien le dijo a mi vecina que tenía que regalarlo 🫶🏼 yo ya les había ofrecido comprárselos pero nada :( perdón por tardar Pelu 🥺🤍

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