Stray Pit Bull Shut Down After He’s Paralyzed, Thought No One Would Want Him

 Owners of dogs are well aware of their pets' incredible strength. Iron's strength had to come from deep within him. When he was hit by a car and left on the street, this special Pit Bull had been through so much. It's a mystery how he survived.

Iron was discovered in Puerto Rico after being hit by a large vehicle and presumed dead. He was unable to walk and dragging his hind legs around. He was malnourished and in excruciating pain. Following an examination by a veterinarian, it was determined that he had a spinal injury and that he would be unlikely to walk again.

This was a life-altering prognosis. Due to breed discrimination, Pit Bulls have a difficult time finding homes, but finding Iron a forever home would be even more difficult.

Iron was rescued by the New York Bully Crew after they learned about him, but they needed more help to rehabilitate the deserving dog. He needed a foster family that would work with him to help him get back on his feet. Kat and Heather saw Iron on Instagram and realized they could help. They had a lot of experience with dog rehabilitation.

Iron was soon in the care of Kat and Heather. They couldn't believe his size. He was dangerously underweight. His new foster mothers knew they had their hands full. Iron wasn't just hurting physically. He was emotionally numb.

His mother is a veterinary nurse. She was well aware that this would be a long journey, but no one would give up on Iron. He was well worth the effort!

Iron's new foster parents put him on a special diet that consisted of small, frequent meals. This would allow him to gain weight in a healthy manner without overeating or becoming ill. They also started treatment right away. He could barely stand at first, but after a while he was able to take a few steps at a time.

 They even had a wheelchair made specifically for him!

Iron was able to walk for several minutes before dragging his legs after six weeks. This was a HUGE step forward! Iron was also a fan of his foster home's new canine pals. They encouraged him to stay strong and assisted him in breaking out of his shell. Dogs are pack animals, and even a dog as shut down and fearful as Iron responded well to his new pack's positive energy.

Then something incredible happened! Iron, being as clever as he is, devised a plan to intentionally crash his wheelchair and wiggle his way out. He'd then travel to his friends on his own legs. This astounded everyone in his vicinity. The dog, who was unlikely to walk again, was definitely moving!

Iron realized how much he had been missing out on–toys, playtime, and, of course, affection. Iron became the pack's protector as well. When it was time to relax, he'd make sure they all settled down. He also loved cleaning everyone up after it rained. When his siblings entered the house, they were given special "Iron kisses" on their faces.

It didn't take long for Iron to realize he'd arrived. Kat and Heather couldn't imagine what life would be like without him. He fit in perfectly, and he'd come a long way thanks to his new mothers. They knew he'd thrive in his care. When you ask them, however, they always say they're the fortunate ones. Iron, they say, brings them more joy than they could have imagined.

Iron's story of rescue and transformation is exactly what you need right now.

 Pit Bulls are frequently euthanized in shelters or worse. The breed is always in trouble. As dog lovers, we must spread the word that ALL dogs are deserving of their happily ever after! Please take a moment to watch Iron's entire story down below.

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